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Things To Know Before Flying For The First Time

Its our first flight; just like every other things, we usually don’t forget our first flight, and probably the
most experiences sound interesting. If you never flown or about flying for the first time, don't be afraid, although it might seem discouraging due to what hear or watches. Moreover, the experience
from your home, coming on the way to airport, airport
checking, boarding and flight will be amazing
experience than you might think.
Here are the few things that you should know before travelling for the first time.

-Book your ticket

Travelling in flight? Oh yes, you will have to
confirm if there is any seat available to proceed on
booking your flight and purchase your ticket. In some
cases, you might not get ticket on the day you are
travelling , so it’s best you book as early as possible. Booking as early as possible
gives you two benefits:
-you have better chance to
get ticket and
-you might get discount or special
offer ticket.

-Prepare for flight

Before you go to the airport, ensure you have all the
necessary documents. At the airport, you have to
follow the rules and sometime it might take time. So
make sure you have sufficient time – one and half hour early will
be perfect. If you are taking luggage with you, make
sure the weight doesn’t exceed the airline’s acceptable
weight. Or else, you might have to pay for your luggage
if you exceed the normal weight. Make use of the extra
free opportunity of taking some additional stuff with
you on the plane with a small bag.

-Check In

Once you get to the airport terminal, you first need to
check in. You have to show your ticket and your form
of IDs with necessary travel document (if required). The
check-in officer will give you boarding pass and receipt
of luggage.


After checking in, you need to go to the departure
lounge where you will be subject to security checks.
You may have to put your phone on airplane mode or
make it off, jacket, laptop outside for inspection. The
security officer will stamp your hand bag and boarding
pass if you successfully meet the requirement. If you
are travelling abroad you will have to pass through
immigration checks. You have to show all your
documents – visa, boarding pass, passport and
invitation letter. If they found anything suspicious, they
can reject your flight. After completing all the
procedures, you will need to wait for boarding
announcement and show your boarding pass again.

-Inside the flight

Look for your seat number printed on your boarding
pass, although some small aircrafts may not have
seating arrangement, so you can seat anywhere. The
cabin crew will close the doors when all passengers are
on plane. Before takeoff, they will take you through
some safety demonstrations. There will be some
signals for seatbelt and prohibition of -smoking. You
are not allowed to stand up while the seatbelt signal
shows. Once the aircraft reaches a certain height, the
captain sees it fit to turn off the signal, you can use the
latrine or eat your food once the signal light is turned

-After Landing

The plane will take you to the terminal. Don’t stand up
until the plane stops and it’s announced by the cabin
crew that it’s safe to prepare to leave the plane; you
have to wait for signal of seat belt light turning off as
well. You can then exit the plane.


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