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where Are The Best Places To Celebrate Birthday

My birthday is coming up. I normally don't like to announce to the world that it is my birthday, I usually stay indoor or invisible to people but this is the right time, and perfect occasion to travel my heart out, all to making this year's birthday a special one, a birthday not to forget.

No doubt, I love to travel just like you do and so are we in love with our birthdays. Ideal of travelling in the name of birthday doubles the Joy.

I decided that I'm going to have fun on my birthday but don't just know where to celebrate it. The happening places in the world that could make birthday a remarkable one.

Now I need your suggestions... Yes,  you reading this to suggest for me, The best places in the world to celebrate birthday. Any where on earth is welcomed. You may even go ahead to suggesting Heaven but I have not done with earth, Lol...