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National Museum Of Unity Enugu ;A place to visit in Enugu.

National museum of unity Enugu popularly called Enugu museum is one of the best place to pay a visit while in Enugu. I thought it's not functional  until I paid a visit. A people without a history are lost forever.

The preparation for the visit were handled by our Biological techniques lecture Prof. Onyiudo who made a contact with the museum management alongside my class governor and get a date for the visit.
By 10:00 am on the said day, we were ready. Each students carted for his/her transport fare. Upon arrival, we assembled inside a hall close to the museum where three of the museum officers and our lecturer lectured us on the meaning and the rules guiding the museum.
After the lecture, they allowed us in and separated us into two groups. Each group was assigned to a guide.

The National museum of unity Enugu comprises of three different galleries.

1- Unity gallery
2- Igbo gallery
3- Coal city gallery

Unity gallery

Displays about the cultural artifacts(life, death and fertility) of various Nigerian communities such as
Ikenga,dakakari, baka.
Waja figurine from Gombe state , Iyalode from Abeokuta(image of a woman with many children), ogboni from Abia state (image of a woman with long breast) karikpo from Ogoni River state is a deity responsible for crop fertility. Ewu ogun a Yoruba charm for protection during fights just like linzani from Niger State. Ebi aka from Mbaise used to locate lost item(s), Ikoko sango god of thunder. This lead us to the second category

Igbo gallery

It  portrays the culture of ndi Igbo as unique. I saw a typical Igbo native house. Inside the traditional house, there are :
Gramophone, which is called akpati egwu. A local water pot (ite aja) which has the same function as refrigerator. Igbo shrine, ite Ola okike a pot in which an umbilical cord is buried usually under an udara tree. Masquerades such as Ijele ndi Igbo and its meaning. Ceremonial items such as jigida, igba, ogene and oyo/ichaka/osha
I also saw other items like palm fruits and what we can make out of it. This lead us to the last category by then fear is all over us, whether to continue or to run out as fast as possible. Our guide sees the fear in us and he said, the next category is about Enugu State history, so nothing to fear about as it contains no shrine or Masquerade.

Coal city gallery

Coal city gallery tells about, how coal was discovered, the beginning of indigenous settlement and the pictures of those discovered coal, pictures of the first coal miners and the coal they mined. Photos of both past and present leaders.

Rule guiding the museum

The use of camera /cell phones are not allowed inside the museum. Snapshot of the museum items are not to be taken. They even went ahead saying, if we take a snapshot of any of the item, our camera/cell phone might damage as some of the Masquerades and shrines are still active... Lol

My visit to National Museum of unity Enugu was educative, so I encourage you to pay it a visit to educate yourself about the precolonial times, the Biafrans as well as relics of the war and much more.

Visiting hours

Open daily 9:00 am - 5:00pm

Is there anywhere to eat or buy drink close to the museum?

Yes, the popular New barriers Park is situated in the same compound with Enugu museum.
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No 65 Abakiliki Road, GRA Enugu.

Where's near?

Ogui junction and old governors lodge.
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