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where Are The Best Places To Celebrate Birthday

My birthday is coming up. I normally don't like to announce to the world that it is my birthday, I usually stay indoor or invisible to people but this is the right time, and perfect occasion to travel my heart out, all to making this year's birthday a special one, a birthday not to forget.

No doubt, I love to travel just like you do and so are we in love with our birthdays. Ideal of travelling in the name of birthday doubles the Joy.

I decided that I'm going to have fun on my birthday but don't just know where to celebrate it. The happening places in the world that could make birthday a remarkable one.

Now I need your suggestions... Yes,  you reading this to suggest for me, The best places in the world to celebrate birthday. Any where on earth is welcomed. You may even go ahead to suggesting Heaven but I have not done with earth, Lol...


  1. I always look to go to places that gives me a sense of happiness and peace on special days like birthday. Opt for a place that you had always wanted to go but had been putting it off until now, what better way then to visit it on your birthday. By the way - Happy Birthday in advance.

    1. Thank you so much Ajay, maybe I have to go back to check my last year's list. Thanks once again

  2. One of my favorite places in the world is Lisbon, Portugal. We were just there in April for the first time, and fell in love. Lots of good restaurants and good wine. It would be a great place to celebrate a birthday!

    1. Thanks Christine, will definitely put Lisbon on my birthday list of places to visit. From your description Lisbon should be an amazing place. Thanks once again

  3. I can tell you where not to celebrate... haha, and that is Amsterdam! In the Netherlands you are expected to bring your own cake and pay for everyone else's drinks on your birthday - best to go to another country with fewer expectations from your guests ;)

    1. Hahaha... Thanks for telling me. At least you have saved me from unnecessary spending.
      Unless I'm going there only to ride bicycle. Lol 😂 Thanks so much

  4. I spent my last birthday in Las Vegas which was really fun!! I won't say that it was the cheapest birthday, but it was a lot of fun. We saw the show Le Reve which was amazing, did some gambling and saw Calvin Harris at Hakasan!

  5. I usually go somewhere where I have friends:) The main thing for me is to be surrounded by people I love and that I want to spend my special day with! By the way, in Spain, you're also expected to pay for everyone's drinks!:P Have a great time!

  6. I celebrated a birthday in Italy once and it was incredible. Such good food, wine, and gelato!

  7. I guess it depends what you are looking for! Something romantic? Rome/Tuscany. Something relaxing? Bath, UK. Something fun? Amsterdam/Berlin. Looking for an adventure? Jordan/Brazil. Something completely different? Japan!
    Hope it helps!!!

  8. I’ve spent my birthday in a lot of different places. It’s always good to go to a new country or city and enjoy this special time of year. Once things for sure – it won’t be spent at work!

  9. Go to the mountains or the beach or to a place where it is just you so you can reflect on your life and find back anything that you have lost. Find meaning for this birthday.

  10. I love being away for my birthday. This year I went snowboarding in Andorra - fully catered chalet so all meals cooked for and unlimited wine during dinner! What about Budapest? So affordable, plenty of things to do, relax in the thermal baths and have a drnk in the ruins bars! : )

  11. Haha. Good one ! I too stay invisible to the world in my birthday, that made so much sense to me. If there is heaven on earth then it is in Norway ! You must see it to believe it.

  12. i personally think any tropical island is a winner. beautiful sunsets, massages and a beautiful beach makes for an excellent birthday!

  13. I would suggest Disney World! You can act like a kid again and go on rides and attractions. Plus, you can eat all sorts of food that you usually don't have like churros, Dole Whips and other treats. Plus you can get a button that tells people it's your birthday. Whatever you do, enjoy!

  14. It really depends on what you like doing, over the last 6 years while I've traveled the world, I've had a wide variety of birthdays, from just being drunk with friends in Sydney to spending the day at the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. However for this time of year, I suggest a birthday on a paradise beach somewhere in the tropics :D

  15. I would go to New York! It's my favorite place in the world! (maybe next to Disney) Plus I've been watching a lot of New York Based TV lately!

  16. New York is always a fun place to celebrate a birthday!

  17. I always want to celebrate my on top of Machu Picchu,since even I am also a person, it will be a unforgettable birthday, seeing those beautiful view from the top. Or may be doing a scuba diving in Great Barrier reef, or watching Niagara falls. :)

    1. I am spending my bday in Myanmar this year. I will watch the sunset in Bagan and admire the balloons - it's a pretty scenic view. Maybe it's an idea for you? If not definitely to be added to your bucket list!

      And if you are more of a city person - come over to London for an afternoon tea!

  18. I'm going to Phuket and Krabi on my birthday next month. Other suggested places are 'Mauritius' if you love tranquility and luxurious spas, 'Dubai' for glamour, thrill and world's great experiences. 'Bali' for a more serene and majestic experience; and 'Singapore' to land in a scene from some futuristic Hollywood movie. :)

  19. I'm going to Phuket and Krabi on my birthday next month. Other suggested places are 'Mauritius' if you love tranquility and luxurious spas, 'Dubai' for glamour, thrill and world's great experiences. 'Bali' for a more serene and majestic experience; and 'Singapore' to land in a scene from some futuristic Hollywood movie. :)

  20. If you place a dream beach vacation on your birthday, Florida has so many wonderful places to offer! But last few days has been a total disaster due to hurricane Irma. Hope Florida recover soon!

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